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Stewart-Haas Teammates Clash at Talladega

By Michael Guzman, Contributing Writer

Drivers avoided “The Big One” at Talladega SuperSpeedway, but that didn’t prevent tempers from flaring at the end of the race for a pair of teammates that both advanced to the next round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Stewart-Haas Racing teammates Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick clashed following the race, on the backstretch and then on pit road. Busch, unhappy with Harvick over his drafting partners late in the race, rubbed his car on the right rear quarter panel of the no.4 Chevrolet during the cool-down lap.

Harvick reached into the cockpit of the no. 41 car on pit road after the race, attempting to either strike or grab Busch.

Both drivers spoke to NBC Sports after the altercation, and a transcript is below. The tour heads to the tight quarters of Martinsville next week with both drivers still chasing a championship. Harvick is third in the reset championship standings, while Busch ranks seventh.

NBC Sports to Kevin Harvick

KH: (Busch) took the side of our car out after the checkered flag, so I don’t understand that. All in all, our Jimmy John’s Chevrolet team did a great job and (we) didn’t have a scratch on it until then, that’s pretty good for Talladega.

TV: Did Kurt have any explanation for you?

KH: Uh, not really

TV: Team meeting later?

KH: Probably

NBC Sports to Kurt Busch

TV: Kurt, it looked like you just had to ride things out for most of this race until the very end there, got a little bit of damage… what happened there in the closing minutes?

KB: We were battling hard and I had a great run. Our car just wanted to go to the front today. There were a few times I made a mistake and got shuffled back to about 15th or so. And it just worked its way back up, (we) had good pit stops.  This effort today just felt like that total team effort like – hey, the pressure’s here, but we’re going to get stronger and better as this Chase goes on. So, we’re really excited about this restrictor plate car heading into Daytona next spring.

TV: It looked like your teammate Kevin Harvick came up to you, what did he have to say to you?

KB: He has a misunderstanding of the call at the end of the race, he’ll understand it and I’m sure he’ll clear it up in his interview. We’re great teammates, we’re doing good together; we have to work together to beat all these other teams out there and he knows that.

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