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Despite Bernie Ecclestone’s joke that the only thing they can agree to is when to meet, the F1 Strategy Group convenes today to plan for 2017 and beyond. Chief concerns include allowing a fifth engine this season and a fairer allotment of FIA prize money. Neither of which will be addressed because the big 5 present: Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull and Williams will not want to give up their slice of the pie or hand any concessions to their rivals. Despite Ecclestone’s vehement hatred, the V6 hybrids are setRead More
Recent announcements have confirmed that Formula One will return to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya until 2019 after organizers agreed to a contract extension with Bernie Ecclestone. The current deal was set to expire following this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, but following the agreement the two will remain tied to each other for three more seasons. The Spanish track has had a consistent home on the Formula One calendar since 1991, with this year marking the relationship’s 25th anniversary. In the new deal the Spanish Grand Prix will follow the Malaysian GrandRead More
Emerson Fittipaldi has never been a stranger to the racing world. The two-time Formula One World Champion and two-time Indy 500 winner has a different view these days as President of the FIA drivers’ commission. Although it has been over 30 years since the Brazilian has graced the cockpit of a Formula One machine, the growth of the sport has never been closer for the 67-year-old. F1 with a twist In recent weeks, Fittipaldi has now been named as part of a panel to help investigate the horrendous crash atRead More