VIDEO: Alonso Open to Full Time IndyCar Move

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor

Fernando Alonso phoned in from Montreal to the on air television broadcast of the Rainguard Water Sealers 600 at Texas Motor Speedway last night to talk with the NBCSN hosts and give some more of his thoughts on IndyCar. Today’s Canadian Grand Prix marks his return to F1 after his electrifying Indy 500 debut two weeks ago, and the broadcast team wanted to get his opinion on the oval racing at TMS. He hailed the Texas race, then in its early stages as “spectacular” and said that he was watching live from his computer.

Earlier this week the veteran driver again questioned his current ride with McLaren-Honda when speaking to the media in Montreal. Alonso stated that his main priority is to have a winning car in F1 and that Honda needed to deliver by September to convince him to stay. He also threw out the suggestion that should McLaren-Honda not deliver and no other top drive in F1 be available that he would look elsewhere.

“The best car that I can drive is still Formula One. It’s another time that I jump in any car in any categories with any tires, with any rules, that I go there and I’m competitive, so I’m not afraid of the future. If I cannot succeed here and win this third world championship, I’m still loving motor racing and I will race in any series. I know that I can win any series.”

Seizing the moment NBCSN commentator Kevin Lee bravely asked Alonso on live television if he would consider a full time move to IndyCar, to which the Spanish driver said “Why not?”

Alonso elaborated on his answer, “I mean, I’m very open to anything. I don’t have a clear answer right now. I will lie to you if I tell you I know what is going to happen next year.”

He then talked up the drivers of the IndyCar Series and said a full season in IndyCar could be a future possibility.

“Watching now the race these guys are the best… I have to learn many things to do one race, I need to learn so many more to do the whole season. So, let’s say that I’m more ready to do F1. I will try to find the best car possible out there, and look at different options, but yes, Indy would be the first priority for the Triple Crown; and the full season, with another team? Why not?”

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