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By Aaron Bearden, NASCAR Contributor It took only one instance of a race-winner suffering an “encumbered” finish for this writer to reach a significant conclusion regarding the ruling: it, or at the minimum the name it’s been given, needs altered. One thing’s been confirmed with relative consistency regarding NASCAR’s latest buzzword – it doesn’t seem a good fit. Don’t believe me? Look no further than NASCAR’s most popular (and soon to be retired) driver. Never used the word “encumbered” to describe anything. Don’t plan on ever using it. Can weRead More
By Toby Christie, NASCAR Editor FORT WORTH, Texas — NASCAR has made a move to try to even the playing field in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Starting in 2017, Sprint Cup Series drivers – with over five years experience — will be limited to participating in just 10 NXS races per season. Cup drivers also wont be allowed to participate in the four Dash4Cash races, or in any of the championship Chase events. It’s a nice step, and many are applauding the sanctioning body for making this change, but there’sRead More