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Driver Lineup for Final Dash4Cash Round Set after Talladega

By David Morgan, NASCAR Editor

TALLADEGA, Alabama – Following the completion of Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega, the four drivers that will compete for the final Dash4Cash race next weekend have been set.

Winner of the Sparks Energy 300, Spencer Gallagher punched his ticket to be eligible for the bonus prize, along with Brandon Jones, Justin Allgaier, and winner of two Dash4Cash bonuses this season, Elliott Sadler.

With his win, Gallagher not only claimed his first win in the Xfinity Series, but also is among the four drivers to compete for the prize for the first time in his career.

Gallagher, who is known for his outgoing and quirky personality, noted that he already has a plan for the money should he claim the reward next week.

“If I win the Xfinity Dash4Cash, I am taking every person at GMS out for a steak dinner until I’m out of money or they’re out of cows, whichever comes first. Just so y’all know, I’m not kidding about that. I will spend $100,000 on steak dinners.”

His father Maury Gallagher chimed in that he had to win the money first, which Spencer quickly replied, “You’re never seeing that check, old man. It’s coming to GMS Racing and you are 2,000 miles away.”

As for the other three drivers that are eligible, their thoughts on the Dash4Cash weren’t quite as colorful, but they were excited to be involved nonetheless.

“This is going to be the first time in my Xfinity career that I qualified for it,” said Jones. “That’s a big jump for myself and to compete with the Xfinity regulars in Dover for it, it’s going to be pretty good. Dover’s been a track that I’m pretty competitive at in the past and ran there multiple times in various series in NASCAR – K&N Series, trucks and Xfinity so that’s one of those tracks that I’ve got a lot of laps at so hopefully that will be something we can capitalize on and we’re going to keep the top-five streak alive here hopefully.”

“Obviously, it’s super important, with the way these races are to have a good day and qualify for the Xfinity Dash4Cash,” said Allgaier. “Hats off to Xfinity and Comcast for all they do for this sport. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m bummed we didn’t qualify today, because I think we’d have ended up winning it if we would have qualified.”

Of the four drivers, none of them have ever won at Dover, but Allgaier and Sadler both have the average finish advantage among those eligible.

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David Morgan is the Associate Editor for Motorsports Tribune. A 2008 graduate from the University of Mississippi, David has followed NASCAR since the early 90’s and became hooked at an early age after attending his first race at Talladega Superspeedway in 1993. He has traveled across the country since 2012 to cover some of the most prestigious events both IndyCar and NASCAR have to offer, with an aim to only expand on that in the near future.