FIA removes new curb at Eau Rouge

The FIA has decided to remove a new curb at Eau Rouge prior to qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

With the drivers capable of cutting part of the left-hander at Radillion – the top of the climb at Eau Rouge – a larger curb w installed at the apex.

With a number of events in GP2 and GP3 that saw several cars getting airborne momentarily after making contact with the curb, the FIA decided following a driver’s meeting to remove it.

The FIA will now monitor any advantage gained by the drivers due to possible corner cutting.

Race Director Charlie Whiting touched on the subject in a statement with the teams.

“Following the driver’s meeting yesterday … the orange curb on the apex of Turn 4 has been removed.”

“Further to the discussion in the meeting, and as a result of the change to the kerb in Turn 4, a report will only be made to the stewards if a driver has exceeded the track limits (principally but not limited to the areas behind the curb in turns 4 and 15) and is suspected of gaining an advantage from doing so.”

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