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LIVE UPDATES: Rolex 24 at Daytona

By Christopher DeHarde, Staff Writer

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — The 2018 Rolex 24 at Daytona is going green shortly and here we will have live updates throughout the race.

The No. 50 Juncos Racing Cadillac DPi pulled into the pits before the start of the race.

00:00- No. 77 Mazda DPi leads from the start with the No. 6 Acura DPi.

00:09- No. 3 Corvette gets around a Porsche the GTLM lead while the No. 33 Mercedes AMG-GT3 leads the No. 13 Ferrari 488 GT3.

00:11- No. 99 Porsche in GTD pits.

00:14- DPis are going through traffic.

00:17- No. 99 GTD Porsche is in the pits, the No. 18 ORECA LMP2 car pits with left front damage.

00:20- No. 18 LMP2 is back on track as is the No. 99 Porsche.

00:23- No. 13 Ferrari passes No. 33 Mercedes for the lead in GTD.

00:26- No. 912 Porsche pits, looks like a right front issue.

00:28-  No. 50 Juncos Racing Cadillac has passed all cars to catch up to the back of the DPi field.

00:29- No. 55 Mazda pits, as does the Nos. 81 and 52 LMP2 machines.

00:30- Nos. 77, both Penskes, both JDC-Miller and the Juncos DPi cars all pit.

00:35- Both Action Express cars pitted, the Juncos DPi briefly went off course. The No. 6 Penske DPi got around the 77 during the pit stops.

00:38- Nos. 81 and 38 LMP2 machines went down pit road for drive-thrus, No. 912 Porsche is back in with another issue at the front of the car.

00:43- No. 912 Porsche nose is back on, car had splitter issues. Car is heading to the track.

00:45- Nos. 44 and 46 Lamborghinis are pitting in GTD while the No. 3 Corvette and No. 66 Ford GT are pitting.

00:47- Eight GTD cars pit as well as the No. 67 Ford GT, 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari and No. 4 Corvette.

00:49- Ten more GTD cars pit, nearly every car has made a pit stop.

00:50- No. 67 Ford GT is behind the wall, No. 48 Lamborghini went through pit lane for a drive thru.

00:55- No. 67 Ford GT is back from behind the wall. The 86 Acura NSX has the lead in GTD.

01:00- Top six cars are all right on top of each other. No. 6 Acura leads the sister No. 7 car ahead of the No. 77 Mazda and No. 5 Cadillac. The No. 31 and No. 55 are fifth and sixth.

01:02- The No. 13 Ferrari tapped the No. 96 Turner BMW. The BMW went ahead of the Ferrari.

01:04- No. 911 Porsche leads GTLM over the No. 3 while the Nos. 85, 55 and 50 DPis pit.

01:06- Both Penske DPis, the No. 84 JDC-Miller, the No. 77 Mazda and the No. 10 WTR Cadillac DPi all pit.

01:09- CORE Autosport Nissan DPi pits for its second stop.

01:11- Both Action Express Racing cars have pitted as is the No. 99 Porsche.

01:14- No. 99 Porsche is in the wall at the west horseshoe No. 25 BMW and No. 47 Lamborghini pit. No. 99 Porsche reverses from the tire barrier and keeps going with a left side mirror hanging off the left side.

01:21- Alex Zanardi gets into the No. 24 BMW. There were issues getting the steering wheel attached and working properly. Meanwhile the No. 77 Mazda takes the overall lead.

01:30- CORE Autosport No. 54 Nissan DPi had a right rear puncture.

01:37- The No. 99 Porsche has blown an engine pretty severely, full course yellow because of oil. Several carse are on pit lane including two GTD Lamborghinis, the No. 66 Ford GT and the No. 51 Ferrari.

01:54- Green flag, the No. 6 Penske Acura leads from the No. 31 Action Express Cadillac.

01:58- The No. 11 GRT Grasser Lamborghini received a three minute, 40 second penalty for an improper wave-by.

02:20- Three different manufacturers are in the top three positions in DPi, GTLM and GTD. The closest battle is in GTD between Townsend Bell in the No. 12 Lexus and Ben Keating in the No. 33 Mercedes.

02:26- Nos. 5, 6, 7, 50, 77 and 84 pit.

02:27- No. 5 is getting work done on the rear end, Fittipaldi spun. Nos. 10, 31, 54 and 55 pit.

02:35- The No. 5 Cadillac DPi is behind the wall for now.

02:44- Jesse Krohn in the No. 24 BMW is very slow on course. Full course yellow.

02:49- The No. 24 BMW has gone behind the wall. Pit stops commence under yellow. The No. 77 got out ahead of the rest of the DPis that pitted.

02:53- Pit stops begin for GT cars. Ford is taking an extra look at the 67.

02:59- The race is back green, No. 77 Mazda leads.

03:04- The top five in GTLM are within six seconds of each other. No. 62 Ferrari leads No. 4 Corvette, No. 66 Ford, No. 911 Porsche and the No. 25 BMW. Sixth and seventh in class are two laps down but are two seconds apart from each other while eighth and ninth are four and seven laps down.

03:19- Fernando Alonso has gone to second place behind Rene Rast in the No. 77. Meanwhile the No. 54 CORE Autosport Nissan DPi is now 24 seconds behind the leader and the last DPi currently on track, having been down more than a lap earlier.

03:21- Alonso leads the Rolex 24.

03:25- Tommy Milner in the No. 4 Corvette leads GTLM by 1.8 seconds over the No. 62 Ferrari. Alexander Rossi is ready to get in the No. 7 Penske Acura.

03:30- Pit stops starting again as the Nos. 18, 81 and 52 LMP2 entries are pitting, the No. 18 had to back up to get out properly. Also the Nos. 6, 55 and 31 DPis are pitting.

03:32- The Nos. 7, 10, 54 and 77 pit. The 52 LMP2 machine spun.

03:37- The No. 46 Lamborghini got a mechanical black flag while the No. 50 Juncos Racing DPi got a penalty for a pit road speed violation.

03:43- The No. 4 Corvette pits from the GTLM lead, as did the No. 62 Ferrari.

03:47- The No. 50 Juncos DPi stopped on circuit, Will Owen told the team the car is completely dead. Full course yellow.

03:59- After pit stops, the No. 10 leads the 7, 77, 55, 6, 31, 54, 84 and 85. GT pit stops are taking place.

04:07- Green flag coming out to end the caution period.

04:12- Magnus Racing Lamborghini pits with smoke coming from the rear of the car, John Potter reported that he was bumped.

04:18- The No. 50 Juncos Racing Cadillac is back on track. Rene Binder behind the wheel, he’s in 45th place, 16 laps down.

04:27- The No. 55 Mazda DPi spun after Katherine Legge in the No. 57 Acura NSX hit it in the right rear. Incident is under investigation.

04:31- The No. 25 BMW M8 overtook the No. 4 for second in the GTLM class.

04:34- No action taken on the incident between Legge and Tincknell.

04:40- Prototype pti stops continue with the 6, 7, 54, 55, 77 and 85 pit.

04:49- Kamui Kobayashi has driven the last few laps and has an 11 second lead over Tristan Nunez in the No. 77. Nunez is closing.

04:57- GT cars are pitting right now, the No. 62 managed to go 54 minutes before pitting. The entire GTD field has pitted in the last 12 minutes except for the Magnus Racing Lamborghini.

05:02- Kamui Kobayashi has set the fastest lap of the race with a 1 minute, 34.598 second lap.

05:13- No. 77 Mazda pits, The position light and light for the car numbers was not on when it came by in the pits.

05:15- Both Team Penske DPi entries pit, they were in the top five.

05:17- The No. 10 and 31 Cadillacs are the only DPis that have not pitted. Kobayashi leads by 22 seconds over Derani. Meanwhile the No. 25 BMW is second in GTLM and is closing on the class-leading 911.

05:21- Several light panels are not working on the right side of cars through the night. In GTD, the No. 96 Turner BMW leads the class.

05:35- The No. 96 Turner BMW has set a new personal best lap and leads the No. 71 by 4.9 seconds. The No. 3 Corvette has caught up to the back fo the GTLM front-runners and that class now occupies seven cars in a row on the timing screen. Eighth in class Scott Dixon has to make up two laps to get around the three GTD cars in front of him.

05:39- GTD pit stops have started with both Acuras from the Meyer Shank Racing stable pitting as have the Nos. 71 Mercedes and 73 Porsche.

05:43- The No. 52 PR1 Mathiasen LMp2 entry of Mark Kyvamme spun heading to Turn 1. The No. 84 JDC-Miller DPi of Juan Piedrahita spun trying to avoid and hit Kyvamme with the right rear of his car. Full course yellow.

05:50- The No. 31 Cadillac did not pit under this full course yellow.

06:00- The race has resumed, The No. 7 Penske spun.

06:06- The No. 911 of Nick Tandy is looking to get the GTLM class lead from the No. 4 of Oliver Gavin. The third-placed Ferrari is close behind.

06:12- Tandy takes the lead from Gavin. The Ferrari is still there ahead of the No. 25 BMW.

06:14- The first eight cars are DPis, the next three are LMP2, the next seven are GTLM and the next 19 are GTD. Leading GTD is the No. 33 Mercedes ahead of the No. 29 Audi and No. 71 Mercedes.

06:27- The No. 31 Cadillac has been turning in fast laps after fast laps trying to catch up after pitting under green but traffic has caused it to lose some time. The No. 81 ORECA LMP2 pits.

06:37- Felipe Nasr takes the lead in the No. 31 since everyone else has pitted, the No. 55 Mazda has stopped briefly but is still moving.

The break in coverage was to allow Christopher DeHarde some brief sleep. Luis Torres will take over for the next few hours.

10:22 – Renger van der Zande currently leads in the No. 10 to the green flag after the full course yellow for the No. 50 Juncos Cadillac losing a wheel and stopping.

10:26 – Two car battle for the overall lead between van der Zande (No. 10) and race leader Helio Castroneves (No. 7). In the GTLM category, it’s a Chevrolet Corvette 1-2 as Marcel Fassler (No. 4) leads teammate Antonio Garcia (No. 3).

10:29 – Garcia in the No. 3 Corvette dropped from second to fourth in the GTLM class.

10:30 – Castroneves take the high lane and looking to get by van der Zande, which he was able to in Turn 1, but couldn’t clear the leader heading into the Horseshoe.

10:33 – The two Porsche GTLMs have gone by the No. 4 Corvette with Frederic Makowiecki in the No. 911 leading the way.

10:37 – The No. 31 Cadillac DPi driven by Pipo Derani has gone by second-place Castroneves (No. 7 Acura).

10:39 – Castroneves takes second-place back from Derani, while van der Zande has grown his lead to 4.018 seconds.

10:42 – LMP2 leader Pastor Maldonado (No. 18 Oreca) has now lapped the entire class with his teammate Nicolas Lapierre (No. 81) is now a lap behind.

10:47 – van der Zande pits from the race lead for a driver change as Jordan Taylor now takes over the No. 10 Cadillac. Castroneves is now the race leader.

10:48 – Romain Dumas in the No. 54 CORE Autosport Nissan DPi has a lengthy pit stop. It’s being reported that they’re repairing the gearbox, he’s currently running in fifth overall.

10:53 – Castroneves exits his No. 7 Penske Acura as Alexander Rossi will start his stint. Derani also pitted from second, no driver change as it’s only four tires and fuel but he lost some time in the pits. Penske teammate Simon Pagenaud has taken the lead.

10:54 – Pagenaud has hit pit road with no driver change, continuing his stint in the No. 6 Acura with a pit time of 32 seconds.

10:56 – Alexander Rossi currently leads Pagenaud by 5.514 seconds as the lead lap cars has gone down to four.

11:01 – It’s a Acura Team Penske 1-2 as Rossi leads Pagenaud by 1.6 seconds for the overall lead. Sebastian Saavedra (No. 18 ORECA LMP2), Frederic Makowiecki (No. 911 Porsche GTLM) and Rolf Ineichen (No. 11 Lamborghini Huracan GTD) lead their respective classes.

11:02 – Antonio Garcia will continue his stint in the No. 3 Corvette GTLM after making his pit stop.

11:05 – Ineichen (No. 11 Lamborghini) has spun at the International Horseshoe, keeps it rolling without any serious harm. He was battling with another car, but lost control without any contact.

11:07 – Makowiecki pits from the GTLM lead, his Porsche teammate Mathieu Jaminet takes the lead.

11:11 – Tight battle for third in the GTLM category between the No. 911 Porsche and No. 3 Corvette, no position change during that battle. Meanwhile on pit road, Alex Zanardi (No. 24 BMW) pits for a fast driver change. Now taking over for Zanardi is Jesse Krohn.

11:16 – Rossi continues to extend his race lead over Jordan Taylor, growing up to 9.8 seconds.

11:18 – The gap between the top-three in GTLM is now 1.984 seconds with Makowiecki (No. 911 Porsche) leading the class.

11:23 – Jordan Taylor (No. 10 Cadillac DPi) pits from second-place, as does Delvin Defrancesco (No. 85 Cadillac).

11:29 – Both Acura Team Penske entries make their stops. Rossi (No. 7) makes a standard stop, no driver changes. Pagenaud (No. 6) has inherited the ride to Juan Pablo Montoya, who comes out as the overall leader.

11:32 – Intense battle for the GTLM between Makowiecki and Garcia, with the latter taking his No. 3 Corvette to the class lead at Turn 6 and heading into the high bankings. Makowiecki got loose and has lost tremendous ground on the new class leader.

11:33 – Pipo Derani (No. 31 Action Express Racing) leads overall and ahead of Jordan Taylor by 2.733 seconds.

11:42 – Patrick Lindsey (No. 73 Porsche GTM) has spun around in Turn 2, but keeps it going. In the LMP2 category, Saavedra’s lead has now decreased from a lap to 45.468 seconds in just an hour.

11:44 – Rossi seeking for second from Jordan Taylor, but to no avail as the Wayne Taylor Racing No. 10 Cadillac has pulled away quite a bit from Rossi. Derani has a 3.7 second lead over Taylor.

11:50 – The battle for second overall continues between Taylor and Rossi. Taylor gets a better advantage exiting the Turn and heading into first set of banking.

11:55 – GTLM class leader Antonio Garcia’s No. 3 Corvette is off the pace as he’s running out of fuel, just as he was going into the pits and it’s now close to coming at a complete stop. Makowiecki in the No. 911 Porsche has taken the race lead.

11:56 – The eighth full course caution has come out for Garcia’s car being stranded in Turn 12.

12:00 – Halfway of the 57th Rolex 24 at Daytona and Pipo Derani’s No. 31 Action Express Racing Cadillac DPi leads overall. Sebastian Saavedra (No. 18 ORECA LMP2), Frederic Makowiecki (No. 911 Porsche GTLM) and Jeroen Bleekemolen (No. 33 Mercedes-AMG GTD) are the class leaders.

12:01 – Full service stop for DPi and Alexander Rossi will come out as the overall leader. Derani, who came in as the leader, exited out in fourth.

12:04 – Garcia’s Corvette GTLM is being brought into the garage area while the class make their stops. Both Porsche entries make their driver changes with Nick Tandy in the No. 911 and Earl Bamber in the No. 912. Exiting out of the pits in first is Tandy.

12:08 – Rossi pits from the lead as teammate Juan Pablo Montoya now takes the overall lead while Rossi now sits in fourth.

12:10 – Race is back under green with Montoya leading Jordan Taylor, Felipe Nasr and Alexander Rossi, the only cars on the lead lap in DPi. Taylor battles Montoya while a huge lockup coming from the No. 85 Cadillac of Delvin Defrancesco at the exit of Turn 6. Taylor successfully cleared Montoya and has completed his 398th lap.

12:13 – Taylor cleared the lapped car of Joao Barbosa (No. 5 Action Express Racing DPi) and now pulling away from Montoya.

12:16 – Garcia’s No. 3 Corvette GTLM has returned back on the circuit eight laps behind class leader Philipp Eng’s No. 25 BMW.

12:24 – At the top of the hour (3:00 am EST), Taylor leads Montoya by 3.8 seconds.

12:25 – A right front tire puncture by Krohn’s No. 24 BMW GTLM as he went off the Horseshoe and is now in the pits to make extensive repairs as the hood has been opened.

12:31 – Nasr (No. 31 Action Express) and Rossi (No. 7 Penske Acura) have a battle for third as they’re battling lapped traffic, with the Brazilian ahead in that battle.

12:35 – A three-way battle for second begins to pick up with Montoya holding onto that position as Nasr and Rossi are hot on his tail. Race leader Taylor is now nearly seven seconds ahead.

12:38 – Montoya (No. 6 Penske Acura) shown some hesitance on lapped traffic as it hurt Nasr’s momentum of getting by him for second. As a result, Rossi was able to pass Nasr for third.

12:41 – Jordan Taylor (No. 10), Juan Pablo Montoya (No. 6) and Felipe Nasr (No. 31) all make their way down to pit road, putting Alexander Rossi out in front. Neither cars will make driver changes.

12:43 – Alexander Rossi (No. 7) pits from the lead while fifth-place Johnathan Bomarito will hand over the No. 55 Mazda Joest to Olivier Pla.

12:46 – Both Penske Acuras battling for third and nearly made contact. Once the battle fizzled out, Montoya has a clear car length advantage over Rossi.

12:49 – The top-five in GTD is under a second with Cooper MacNeil’s No. 63 Ferrari leading Christopher Mies’ No. 29 Audi by 0.319 seconds. While it was going on, the No. 11 Lamborghini went wide in Turn 1, but currently running in fourth in class.

12:56 – Taylor’s No. 10 continue its strong run at the Rolex 24, leading Nasr’s No. 31 by 5.3 seconds.

13:01 – The GTD leaders are coming into the pits, notably MacNeil (No. 63), who wil be staying for another stint. Mies in the No. 29 is the class leader.

13:02 – Both Mies (No. 29) with a driver change (Ricky Feller) and Bamber (No. 912) pits from the GTD and GTLM lead respectively.

13:06 – Cooper MacNeil’s No. 63 WeatherTech Ferrari leads the GTD class, up 0.366 seconds over second-place Frederic Vervisch’s No. 88 Audi.

13:08 – The No. 8 Starworks Motorsport Audi, driven by Parker Chase, is now behind the wall. It’s being reported that he crashed outside the pit wall.

13:11 – The No. 71 Mercedes-AMG GTD, driven by Fabian Schiller, is now behind the wall.

13:13 – Second-place Felipe Nasr brings the No. 31 Action Express Cadillac and continuing his stint as it’ll be just a routine stop.

13:15 – Alexander Rossi (No. 7 Acura Team Penske) makes his way onto pit road and it’ll be just a routine stop. LMP2 leader Roberto Gonzalez (No. 18 ORECA) also stops.

13:17 – Montoya (No. 6 Acura Team Penske) enters the pits and are making a nose change as there’s possible smoke coming out of his car, causing a lengthy stop but is back on the track.

13:20 – The No. 10 WTR Cadillac driven by Jordan Taylor’s overall lead is now 11.001 seconds over Felipe Nasr’s No. 31 Action Express Racing Cadillac.

13:29 – The No. 55 Mazda Joest of Olivier Pla has spun and has left rear damage as his car is sitting past the Horseshoe. The ninth full course caution has come out. Pla’s car remains stranded as a AMR safety marshall discussing with him.

13:30 – Jordan Taylor leads the field under full course caution.

13:32 – Leaders entered the pits meanwhile both Acura Team Penske has issues with Rossi’s No. 7 has trouble starting the car and Montoya’s No. 6 Acura is being repaired as the front nose has been taken off. Taylor exited out in first.

13:34 – Montoya has exited the pits in fourth.

13:36 – Both GTLM and GTD cars are making their stops with Tandy’s No. 911 Porsche entering and exiting first in the GTLM class. Vervisch (No. 88) leads in GTD.

13:42 – Both Corvette GTLM entries are making their pit stops. No contact between the two this time as both are being worked on for brakes, notably the No. 3.

13:43 – Jordan Taylor (No. 10 DPi) leads the field back to the green flag.

13:47 – Nasr goes on the outside and attempted to get by race leader Taylor, but the leader continues on with the advantage after having a solid run at the Western Horseshoe.

13:50 – Two laps after trying to get by Taylor, Nasr tries the same move again and is much closer to the race lead as they headed into the Bus Stop with Nasr getting by with ease and is now the overall leader.

13:55 – Patrick Pilet (No. 911 Porsche) leads in the GTLM class as small drips of rain has began surfacing the 3.58-mile circuit.

13:56 – Multiple teams such as Acura Team Penske and AIMS Vasser Sullivan are preparing to bring out their wet tires, anticipating rain to hit the circuit.

DeHarde is now back to take over the updates.

14:06- Rossi is going after Nasr for the overall lead, Taylor in the No. 10 WTR Cadillac is 6.7 seconds behind. Porsches are still 1-2 in GTLM.

14:10- The top five in GTLM are all within a second and a half of each other. After the two Porsches are the No. 62 Ferrari, the No. 66 Ford and the No. 25 BMW.

14:13- The Nos. 7 and 10 DPis pit. Rain is still coming down.

14:17- The rain is coming down harder as the Nos. 31 and 10 pitted. Pit entry for the 31 is under review as Alonso is now in the No. 10. Meanwhile the No. 85 JDC Cadillac DPi went to the garage area with significant left rear damage.

14:18- Nearly the entire lineup of Prototype and GTLM cars that remain on track have pitted to get wet tires.

14:26- Bourdais in the No. 66 Ford GT went off at the International Horseshoe while the No. 18 LMP2 entry went to the pits with no rear wing and part of the right front bodywork missing.

14:56- A lengthy safety car period just ended for debris removal.

15:13- Alonso leads overall with the Risi Ferrari still leading GTLM and the No. 33 Mercedes leading GTD.

15:17- The No. 5 Action Express DPi has no rear wing and is trailing some advertising on the left rear corner of the car.

15:19- The No. 5 DPi has gone to the garage. They were seventh in class at the time. The No. 18 LMP2 has gone off at the international horseshoe and has some left front damage.

15:21- The No. 18 LMP2 car went off again at Turn 1 but kept going. There’s a decent amount of standing water on the track as the rain continues.

15:25- The No. 4 Corvette spun and hit the tires hard with the left side of the car in Turn 1. Pretty big amount of standing water out there.

15:28- The 11th full course caution has come out for debris and also for Tommy Milner in the No. 4 Corvette.

15:39- The top nine cars in GTD are all on the same lap as the pits open for GT cars. The caution period is still ongoing.

15:48- Still under full course caution, a few other cars have pitted. The No. 55 Mazda has also retired.

16:00- The safety car is still out there while track staff is still trying to clear standing water.

16:13- It’s raining and the track is wet. The caution has been out for 45 minutes.

16:39- Possible restart in a few laps. Still under yellow.

16:46- Red flag for rain.

18:38- Cars were stopped for an hour and 45 minutes and the Nos. 9, 46 and 48 GTD cars were involved in a crash heading to the restart.

18:58- Short yellow was converted to a longer yellow, most of the prototypes pitted. The No. 7 Ricky Taylor Penske Acura did not pit, he is leading.

19:10- The No. 6 Acura Team Penske DPi is in the pits with the engine cover taken off of the car. Might have an engine issue.

19:17- The No. 6 Acura is being pushed behind the wall into the garage.

19:53- The race is still under caution.

19:56- The No. 912 GTLM Porsche spun under caution.

20:09- Still under yellow. Derani leads in the No. 31 Cadillac. Joey Hand leads GTLM in the No. 66 Ford GT, Allmendinger still leads GTD.

20:12- The race has gone green again as a GT car was stopped at the bus stop.

20:13- Derani had a small off in the bus stop and just now went off again at the exit of Turn 2. The No. 54 CORE Autosport Nissan spun as did three other GT cars including the GTLM class leader, the No. 66 Ford GT.

20:16- The Land Audi is off in the grass, is now on pit lane. The No. 52 LMP2 machine spun and the No. 66 Ford GT is going through the grass.

20:18- The No. 63 Ferrari spun in the bus stop and the No. 66 Ford is back in the pits with quite a bit of damage.

20:21- The No. 57 MSR Acura is behind the wall with damage.

20:22- The No. 54 CORE Autosport Nissan DPi spun and the No. 44 Magnus Lamborghini had a spin next to the race leader.

20:23- The No. 540 spun in the bus stop while the No. 54 keeps going with no rear wing.

20:25- Full course yellow.

20:44- Race is going green.

20:45- The No. 50 Juncos Car is off track and the No. 18 LMP2 car spun. Both cars are still moving.

20:49- The No. 86 MSR Acura pits, Trent Hindman gets in the car as the No. 31 gets second from Rossi in the No. 7.

20:51- The No. 540 spun in Turn 6 and is apparently stuck in neutral. Full course yellow.

21:00- Race is green again.

21:03- Nasr takes the lead from Taylor. Meanwhile in GTLM, the top four are under 2.5 seconds apart. Four different manufacturers in the top four: Ferrari, BMW, Porsche and Ford.

21:06- The No. 10 WTR Cadillac pits, Alonso gets in the car.

21:22- With just under a standard WeatherTech Championship race length left to go, let’s go over the leaders. Nasr leads overall over Alonso and Rossi (31 over 10 over 7). In LMP2, Sebastian Saavedra leads in the No. 18. In GTLM, Richard Westbrook leads in the No. 67 Ford GT with Laurens Vanthoor second in the No. 912 Porsche and James Calado in third in the No. 62 Ferrari. In GTD, the No. 73 Porsche leads over Daniel Morad in the No. 29 Audi and Toni Vilander in the No. 63 Ferrari.

21:25- Green flag racing resumes.

21:27- No. 63 WeatherTech errari has a lot of front end damage and went straight through the bus stop. Vilander ran into the back of a Porsche, looks like the 540. Full course yellow.

21:38- The race is back to green flag conditions.

21:42- The Nos. 5, 54 and 47 have spun while the No. 85 got off track in the bus stop.

21:45- The No. 19 Audi R8 spun coming out of the bus stop but is going again.

21:49- Class leading No. 29 Audi spun in Turn 1, resumed in third place behind Stolz and Engelhart in the 33 and 11, respectively.

21:51- The 8 Starworks Audi went off at the exit of the bus stop, car is moving again.

21:53- The class leading No. 33 Mercedes spun and the No. 911 Porsche spun exiting the bus stop. Lots of spins.

21:57- The 67 Ford GT is leading GTLM ahead of the No. 25 BMW. Full course yellow.

22:02- Red flag.

22:42- Race control is looking at the radar further, IMSA will provide an update in 41 minutes.

23:01- Possible discrepancy over who’s leading GTD.

23:50- Race was called 10 minutes early due to rain.

Class winners:

DPi No. 10 Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac
LMP2 No. 18 DragonSpeed
GTLM No. 25 BMW M8
GTD No. 11 GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini Huracan GT3

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