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Pirelli Reveal Tire Choices for Bahrain and Russia

By Joey Barnes, Editor-in-Chief

The tire compounds for the Bahrain and Russian Grand Prix, the third and fourth races of the 2017 Formula 1 season, have been announced by Pirelli.

The third round will feature medium, soft and super-soft compound selections – the same as last season.

For round four, the Italian manufacturer has decided to go with its traditional super-soft and soft rubber, but also added ultra-softs to Sochi circuit.

2017 will see a change in tires in F1, with a new era of regulations both bigger and wider tires will be featured.

One set of the softest tire are required by the teams to be kept for Q3, meaning the super-soft in Bahrain and the ultra-soft in Russia.

New regulations for 2017 also introduce a change in set selections. For the upcoming season, all 13 sets of tires for each driver will be defined and identical to each other for the opening five rounds – which will consist of seven sets of the softest compound of the three available, four of the middle and two of the harder tire.

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