Pirelli’s ultra soft tire to make F1 debut at Monaco

By Joey Barnes, Editor-in-Chief

Pirelli has revealed that their new ultra-soft tire compound will debut at this season’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The ultra-soft tire is designed to be used at all streets circuits, beginning at the famous Monte Carlo race.

Formula 1’s main tire supplier since the 2011 season, Pirelli will also have super-soft and soft compounds available to choose from.

13 sets in all are available to the teams. One of each compound will be set aside by Pirelli, which will see the super-soft and soft tires set aside for the race. As assigned by Pirelli, the ultra-soft tire must also be run in Q3 for those that break into the final qualifying segment.

Teams will then pick the remaining ten sets. Of the three compounds available, drivers are required to use two during race.

The same tire compounds used at Monaco will also be used the following race in Canada at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The learning curve on the ultra soft tire will likely be minimal as several F1 teams had the opportunity to tryout the compound during pre-season testing at Barcelona’s Catalunya circuit.

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