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Revamped Formula 3 Series Will Join F1 Support Race Schedule

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor

2019 will see a revamped Formula 3 Series enter the scene by joining Formula 2 as part of the Formula 1 support race schedule.

Currently much of the younger, global talent with their eyes set on F1 is divided between the numerous national or regional F3 series and the newer GP3 series. Many of the smaller F3 series will carry one, but GP3 will disappear as the FIA continues its mission to streamline the path to Formula One.

In 2019 the new F3 series complete with a brand new car, will enjoy a race schedule that will see it on the bill at around half of the venues F1 will visit next year. Expect it to be a eurocentric schedule as much of the drivers and teams are still based in Europe, but many of the more prominent fly away races stand a good chance of getting a race, especially in Asia and North America.

A maximum of 30 entries will join the new series as the current cream of the crop from GP3 and the regional/national F3 series are expected to apply.

President of the FIA Single-Seater Commission Stefano Domenicali, the former Ferrari team principal and Lamborghini CEO is very proud of the new initiative to bring Formula 3 along with the bigger series.

Domenicali said, “This has great advantages for fans and competitors alike, as graduates of FIA-certified national and regional competitions have a clear first step into international racing, while spectators and viewers watching Formula One will be able to see a broader spectrum of future stars on their way to the pinnacle of our sport.”

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