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December 14, 1954 – April 1, 1993 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion 5 NASCAR Cup Wins 1986 NASCAR Cup Rookie of the Year How do you define a champion? Is it by the number of races a driver wins? The legacy they leave behind? Or is it the desire, dedication, and determination of the driver? Alan Kulwicki defined a champion his own way. Alan did not win often, turned down opportunities to drive for powerhouse teams, and ran with little to no factory support. Even with all of theseRead More
By Adam Tate, Managing Editor Dale Earnhardt Jr. pledged on Sunday to donate his brain to science. Yes, you read that right. The NASCAR star and son of the late Dale Earnhardt made the decision after reading on Sport’s Illustrated about team mate’s of former Oakland Raider, Ken Stabler. Stabler recently passed away and an autopsy revealed he had severe brain injuries. Three of his former team mates have since come forward and pledged to donate their brains to science in order for scientists to better understand chronic traumatic encephalopathy, orRead More
By Toby Christie, NASCAR Editor 15 years. Today marks 15 years since the darkest day in NASCAR’s 68-year history. The day I’m of course referring to is the tragic moment when the world lost seven-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt was at the forefront of NASCAR’s popularity boom from the late 1980s to the 1990s. He was raw, real, and was never afraid to lay the bumper to anyone if it took doing so to take home the trophy. Earnhardt was the blue-collar guy, who wasn’t there to make friends. Earnhardt was a driver thatRead More