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Posted On June 18, 2015By Motorsports TribuneIn Throwback Thursday Theater, Videos

Throwback Thursday Theater

A very special Throwback Thursday Theater as we wish a happy birthday to the legendary Gordon Murray. We look back at Murray’s crowning achievement, the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans where his F1 supercar beat the prototypes to claim a historic victory. Here is a video of the man himself telling us the story of this amazing part of motorsport history. Enjoy.Read More
Despite Bernie Ecclestone’s joke that the only thing they can agree to is when to meet, the F1 Strategy Group convenes today to plan for 2017 and beyond. Chief concerns include allowing a fifth engine this season and a fairer allotment of FIA prize money. Neither of which will be addressed because the big 5 present: Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull and Williams will not want to give up their slice of the pie or hand any concessions to their rivals. Despite Ecclestone’s vehement hatred, the V6 hybrids are setRead More