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By FIA The Formula 1 Strategy Group and the Formula 1 Commission met today, 17th April, at the FIA headquarters in Paris, in the presence of Jean Todt, FIA President, and Chase Carey, Chief Executive Officer of Formula 1. Positive and constructive discussions were held regarding the future of Formula 1. Firstly, regarding technical regulations for the 2019 season, the following changes were agreed, subject to World Motor Sport Council approval: • Increase the fuel allowance for the race from 105 to 110 kg, in order to be able toRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor The FIA has released the 2018 calendar, finally confirming the Brazilian Grand Prix, but they did urge for increased security measures next November in Sao Paulo. They also made a change to the controversial system of grid penalties, as 2018 will see the drivers limited to just three power units for the season. The move is meant to prevent the confusion fans experienced in 2017 over how drivers ended up so heavily penalized throughout the season. Penalties used to incur any time a number of elementsRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor Sauber and Honda have finally confirmed the longstanding rumor that the Swiss team will switch from Ferrari power units to Honda for 2018. It appears the team will also use McLaren gearboxes which is the surest sign yet that McLaren will also stick by Honda instead of jumping ship back to Mercedes as some had speculated. Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn gave the following statement about the deal. “It is a great honor for the Sauber F1 Team to be able to work together with Honda inRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor It emerged over the weekend that those in attendance at last Friday’s meeting of FIA officials and auto manufacturers agreed to abandon F1’s 1.6 liter hybrid power units in 2021 for a simpler engine formula. It effectively granted FIA President Jean Todt’s long held wish to ditch the complex and impressive current engines for an undetermined formula set to fulfill the unlikely wishlist of cheaper, louder, and more powerful. Louder is one thing, that would be met with resounding enthusiasm from most in the sport, especiallyRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor According to a report from the BBC, McLaren has contacted Mercedes about an engine supply deal. Which means it is already looking at other partners after numerous failures in preseason testing with current supplier Honda. Despite an improvement to sixth in the constructor’s championship in 2016, and an optimistic re-branding in the off season, McLaren is set to begin the new season at the back of the pack. Honda which maintained it could find a fix for the problems encountered during testing and have it ready in timeRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor The FIA has confirmed a number of rule changes for the 2017 season today. With new cars substantially different and faster than the current machines, the sport’s governing body has had to issue rule changes out piecemeal style, but we can glean some important information from today’s announcement. Power Units The power units themselves aren’t changing for the 2017 season, but how they are to be regulated will. Currently teams have been able to change multiple parts of the power units and incur grid penalties forRead More
In an extraordinary move of empathy, hard nosed McLaren-Honda boss Ron Dennis has reportedly blocked Red Bull Racing from securing Honda power units for 2016. Despite assurances from Christian Horner that, “quitting is not an option” Red Bull’s predicament looks even worse than the weather in Austin this weekend. After having the door shut in their face by Mercedes and then Ferrari, Ron Dennis may be putting the final nail in the coffin of F1’s youngest super power. Supplying another team with engines for next season could stretch issue plaguedRead More