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Posted On October 24, 2015By Adam TateIn Breaking News, Formula One

US Grand Prix: Saturday Soaking

Currently the F1 community is in a holding pattern. Sitting, waiting on the deluge from Hurricane Patricia to either drown the Lone Star state or mercifully lessen just enough to squeak in qualifying. The prognosis isn’t encouraging. They just brought in the marshals and as I type we just received confirmation of yet another 30 minute rain delay. Everyone is making the best of it. The fans, God bless them are all still here, cheering, dancing, waving banners for the cameras. Two Sauber crew members rode up the pit laneRead More

Posted On September 20, 2015By Adam TateIn Breaking News

Sights and sounds: WEC at COTA

Welcome to our newest segment here at Tribute Racing. At a select few races each year I am going to do my best to describe to you just how it feels to be in the paddock for some of the most exciting and interesting races in the world. The only WEC round in North America is the perfect place to start as a WEC race is the best bargain for fans today. Especially in the case of the Lone Star Le Mans weekend at Circuit of the Americas in Austin.Read More