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Posted On August 2, 2018By Adam TateIn Breaking News, Formula One, Videos

First Look: F1 2018

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor Codemasters is set to reveal its 10th F1 game this fall, with F1 2018 scheduled for an August 24th release date. The game, which has been heavily revamped over previous generations is said to be Codemaster’s best yet. It brings back features like talking to the media and ups the classic car count big time. Despite some game play footage from the recent E3 show, Codemasters waited to release the games first trailer until now. It showcases improved graphics and promises the most realistic F1 drivingRead More

Posted On July 30, 2018By Adam TateIn Breaking News, Formula One, Videos

Hungarian GP Highlights

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor The Hungarian Grand Prix has been dominated by the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull in recent years, an anomaly on the calendar, but a chaotic, rain struck qualifying gave us a Mercedes front row lockout and a poorly executed race on the part of Ferrari gave Lewis Hamilton a surprise victory. The race was full of tension, controversy and excitement from the get go. From Red Bull suffering another Renault power unit failure for Max Verstappen, to his team mate Daniel Ricciardo’s heroic overtakes thereRead More

Posted On July 23, 2018By Adam TateIn Breaking News, Formula One, Videos

WATCH: German GP Highlights

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor The German Grand Prix was an absolute classic this year and a strong endorsement for Hockenheim to be on the calendar more than once every two years. The race had it all; rain, strategic blunders, Sebastian Vettel crashing out of the lead, Lewis Hamilton avoiding a controversial penalty and coming from 14th on the grid to win. Whether or not you liked the stewards verdict, you have to admit that it was a heck of a race. The highlights cover all the main action of theRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor Nigel Mansell, known by the British people as “Our Nige” was Britain’s premier F1 driver of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, but unlike modern star Lewis Hamilton, Mansell always seemed to just miss out. He finished second in the world championship three times before finally sealing the deal with Williams in 1992, then hoping the Atlantic to claim the IndyCar championship on his very first try. Mansell was beloved to his fans and known as the people’s champion for his humble roots and fighting spirit. NowhereRead More
By Adam Tate, Associate Editor This weekend brings us the European Grand Prix at the brand new Baku City Circuit from Baku, Azerbaijan. After much hype and controversy surrounding Azerbaijan’s less than stellar human rights record, the high speed nature of the track bringing up safety concerns and F1 running the same weekend as the 24 hours of Le Mans, attention will soon be turned track side. Red Bull Racing ace and Monaco pole sitter Daniel Ricciardo sampled the circuit via a pre-production version of the F1 2016 video game forRead More
25 years ago today, Aryton Senna finally won his home Grand Prix. Despite a torrential rainstorm and a dodgy gearbox that lost third and fifth, which forced him to use only sixth gear for the final laps, he was able to keep a closing Ricardo Patrese at bay for a remarkable victory that sent the Brazilian fans and their idol into a frenzy. Enjoy.Read More

Posted On July 31, 2015By Adam TateIn Breaking News, Formula One, Videos

F1 2017: a sneak peak

Giorgio Piola has given F1 fans everywhere a gift with a recent animation he has created showing how a Mercedes W06 would look were it converted to the proposed 2017 F1 regulations. The side by side comparison is telling; the wider tires are wonderful, the return of a full width wing is a nice touch too. Proper bargeboards will be back and the front wings will be wider. It will look familiar, maybe still too familiar to the current machines but it is at least a step in the rightRead More