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F1 on Verge of Major Sponsorship Deal with Heineken

By Adam Tate, Associate Editor

According to multiple sources, Formula One is on the verge of a major sponsorship deal with Dutch brewing giant Heineken. The details of which are set to be announced in a special Thursday press conference as part of the build up to next month’s Canadian Grand Prix.

A leak to the Dutch media has all but confirmed the impending deal which is part of a massive push by the brand, which already has major sponsorship deals with titans such as the UEFA Football League and the James Bond franchise. When viewed in this light, F1 is a very logical next step for the brand.

The arrangement is rumored to be worth $250 million dollars over the next seven years and will include marketing trackside, a presence with one or more teams and most crucially a heavy investment and tie into F1’s social media strategy.

Bernie Ecclestone, all to keen on wheeling and dealing has been very dismissive of social media and the younger generations of fans until a recent about face where the octogenarian in charge saw the light and pushed F1 to finally have an official presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Where the Heineken deal will fit into all of this remains to be seen, but thankfully we have just over two weeks until we find out.

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