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Last Lap Spin Leads to Post-Race Fight between Kyle Busch and Logano

By David Morgan, NASCAR Contributor

Kyle Busch looked to be on the way to a top-five finish in Sunday’s Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but after last lap contact between Busch and Joey Logano, Busch went for a spin that not only left him with a bad finish at his home track, but with his tempers flaring.

As Brad Keselowski was dropping back with a wounded car after losing the lead, Busch and Logano both dove low under Keselowski’s Ford entering Turn 3 on the last lap, nearly wrecking each other there. However, they escaped contact at that point, but the angle of entry caused Logano’s car to wash up the track into Busch, sending Busch for a spin down across pit road, which dropped him to 22nd at the finish.

A noticeably angry Busch emerged from his No. 18 Toyota and confronted Logano after the race, leading to the two drivers getting into fisticuffs before being separated by Logano’s pit crew. Logano was the first to be pulled out of the fray unscathed, but Busch was still restrained by Logano’s crew and came away with a cut on his forehead that left blood running down his face by the time all was said and done.

“There wasn’t much talking, just a lot of swinging,” said Logano. “Just racing hard there at the end with our Pennzoil Ford and Kyle and I usually race well together, usually never have any issues. He tried to pin me down into the corner underneath Brad and we about crashed on entry. I was still trying to gather it up by the center and I was going to spin out so I was trying to chase it up, but he was there. Obviously, nothing intentional, but he thinks that. I don’t know, we’ll move on.”

When asked if any of the punches thrown landed on him, Logano responded with a grin, saying: “None to me.”

“I got dumped. Flat out just drove straight into the corner and wrecked me,” said Busch. “That’s how Joey races, so he’s going to get it.”

Whether there will be any penalties of fines to come out of the fight remains to be seen.

A video of the fight can be seen below, courtesy of

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